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Nov 02, 2023CameraStuff

Enjoy CameraStuff's Interview with Andrew Basson

Get ready for a thrilling episode of "Get this Shot!" featuring the dynamic Andrew Basson, with your host extraordinaire, Conrad Knuist. In this riveting episode, Andrew spills the beans on his incredible outdoor photography journey, where he masterfully wielded a budget-friendly off-camera setup starring the mighty Godox Speedlight and a trusty umbrella. Get ready to be amazed by the stunning results!

Meet Andrew Basson

 My name is Andrew. I completed my Adobe certification back in 2007, and since then, I have been active in the photography community, continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge as a professional photographer. 


I have covered numerous riots, as well as commercial events and portraits. However, I have recently slowed down, and now my primary focus has shifted towards providing free education and assistance to photographers who may be facing challenges.




© Andrew basson

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