CameraStuff Review | Neewer’s BH-20 RGB Light Sticks | Colour Photo Portraits

CameraStuff Review | Neewer's BH-20 RGB Light Sticks | Colour Photo Portraits

Nov 14, 2023CameraStuff

In this examination, we explore the Neewer BH-20 RGB Sticks and their effectiveness in the realm of portrait photography. Throughout the review, we will delve into the specifications, quality, and overall practicality of these lights. At the same time, we played around in the CameraStuff studio and created a variety of colourful portraits

Catch us live on the 23rd of November. We'll discuss the images and effectiveness of these lights in greater detail. 


Fun day in the CameraStuff Studio

We played around with 3 x Neewer BH20-RGB sticks in the CameraStuff studio recently. In addition, a Curved Reflector was used and a white PVC Backdrop.  Here are some of the results.

Photos by Conrad Knuist

Model Carmen Morris Ashton 

As you can see, the RGB lights provide ample versatility, adding an element of all-around enjoyment to the lighting experience.

Flash vs. LED? 

When comparing flash and LED lighting, it's crucial to note that LEDs generally fall short in terms of brightness when pitted against flashes or strobes. In my experience, I found myself adjusting the ISO settings from ISO400 to ISO1600 to accommodate a relatively fast shutter speed and an aperture ranging between f5.6 to f8.0. 

The advantage of using flashes becomes evident here, offering a broader range for brightness adjustments and ensuring the capture of crisp and sharp images. On the other hand, when utilizing LEDs, compromises may be necessary in certain situations. 

To achieve the sharpest and clearest results, especially when working with shutter speeds around 1/50th to 1/80th, I recommend using a tripod for stability and precision in your photography. This ensures optimal image quality, compensating for the potential limitations associated with LED lighting.


The clear advantage of RGB lighting lies in its simplicity when it comes to changing colors. A mere press of a button is all that's needed, in stark contrast to strobes, which demand the use of gels and copious amounts of gaffer tape – a potentially cumbersome process on the day of a shoot. RGB lighting introduces a significant level of convenience, particularly for those intending to engage in vibrant and colourful photoshoots.

External Batteries for Neewer BH-20 RGB Light Sticks

It's crucial to highlight that the Neewer BH-20 Light Sticks do not come with built-in batteries. Instead, they are designed to be powered by rechargeable NP-F batteries, which need to be purchased separately.

This design choice can be viewed as advantageous. Devices with internal batteries often necessitate specialized procedures for replacement when the battery reaches the end of its lifespan. In contrast, the external battery approach allows users to easily replace or upgrade batteries, contributing to the longevity and adaptability of the light sticks.

Moreover, opting for external batteries offers the practical benefit of extending shooting sessions. Users have the flexibility to purchase multiple batteries, ensuring that they can power the Neewer BH-20 Light Sticks throughout a more extended period, making them suitable for prolonged photography or video shoots. This adaptability adds a layer of convenience for users who require sustained lighting solutions without interruptions.

The Neewer BH-20 can operate without batteries and instead be powered by AC power. The package includes the necessary power adapters and cables.

Brightness of the Neewer BH-20 RGB Light Sticks

In general, the brightness of the Neewer BH-20 Light Sticks is reasonably satisfactory. To assess this aspect, we employed a light meter application on a smartphone, allowing us to quantify and compare the brightness levels with other RGB light wands or tubes of a similar nature. This method provides a quantitative measure, enabling a more objective evaluation of the Neewer BH-20's luminosity in comparison to its counterparts in the market.

Here are the results: 

Device Lux at 0.5m (5600K) Lux at 1m (5600K) Lux at 1m (RED 0°) Lux at 1m (Green 120°) Lux at 1m (Blue 240°)
Neewer BH-20 1999 568 716 259 281
Godox LC500R 2275 659 671 295 203
Godox TL120 1299 581 680 307 225

Kindly be aware that the measurements were conducted using a smartphone app, and as such, the accuracy may not be guaranteed at 100%. The results should be considered for reference purposes only.

Regarding brightness, the Neewer BH-20 RGB Light Stick demonstrates performance that aligns with similar products in its category. The comparative analysis suggests that the Neewer BH-20 holds its own in terms of luminosity, showcasing its capability to deliver a level of brightness on par with other products in the market. This feature positions the Neewer BH-20 as a competitive choice in the realm of RGB light sticks, offering users a reliable and consistent level of illumination.


The Neewer BH20RGB comes equipped with a handy remote control, facilitating the remote adjustment of all settings. This convenient feature enables users to fine-tune their lighting from a distance, eliminating the need to be in close proximity to the lights for adjustments.

Build Quality

The overall build quality of the Neewer BH-20RGB is mixed, being made of both metal and plastic bits. 

In particular, the Neewer BH-20RGB is constructed with a metal body, providing durability and stability. The front diffuser, which covers the LEDs, is made of plastic, contributing to a lightweight design. Additionally, the handle is crafted from plastic, offering a comfortable and ergonomic grip. 

While not inherently fragile, extended use may lead to wear and tear on the plastic components over time. The design might not be considered very modern, but the buttons are practical and user-friendly. 

The Neewer BH-20RGB Light Stick is equipped with a basic LCD screen, although readability can be compromised at certain angles. The tilting handle adds a practical dimension, allowing for adjustable tilt of the light source. 

In summary, while it may not boast a futuristic appearance, the Neewer BH-20RGB excels in practicality and functionality, making it a reliable tool for the task at hand.

Typically, the Neewer BH20RGB are sold in pre-packaged kits. The light stands that are included are not of the best quality at all. Although they'll serve their purpose, and be functional, it is recommend to use better stands and grips in combination with the RGB Light Sticks. 

In Conclusion:

We are pleased with the outcomes and the overall efficacy of these lights. The versatility of utilizing them with either AC-power or batteries (not included) provides photographers and videographers with ample choices. If you're aiming to infuse a distinctive "vibe" into your photos, unquestionably, these lights have the capacity to introduce a touch of flair.


  • 296 LEDs per light stick
  • CCT mode with color temperature range from 3200K to 5600K
  • HSI mode with hue angle range from 0 to 360° and saturation range from 0 to 100%
  • FX mode with 10 different strobe scenes and 10-speed levels
  • 2.4GHz remote control with 16 selectable channels
  • LCD screen displays selections and real-time battery status
  • Adjustable handles with 180° rotation
  • Light stands can reach up to 6.2’ (190cm) in height
  • Dual power options: mains power or NP-F batteries (not included)
  • Carrying bag for easy transportation

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