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Portrait Lighting Techniques | CameraStuff In the Limelight

May 17, 2024CameraStuff

Hey there, world! Get ready to dive into an electrifying episode of CameraStuff's In the Limelight! Today, we're thrilled to welcome the incredible trio: Dave Ravenstone from Evermore Photos, Brendon Koeberg, and Michael Alexander. And of course, your host, the one and only Conrad from So Rad! 

In this dynamic group chat, we're unleashing the secrets behind portrait lighting techniques that'll blow your mind! From the timeless elegance of Rembrandt Lighting to the dramatic flair of Horror Lighting, we're covering it all. Get ready for some jaw-dropping examples and in-depth explanations that will revolutionize your portrait game. So, if you're ready to take your portraits to the next level, you definitely don't want to miss out on this chat! 

Connect with us and our expert panel: 

Dave: Check out his stunning work on Instagram @evermore_photo_sa. 

Brendon: Follow his captivating photography journey on Instagram @bkphotographyss. 

Michael: Dive into his incredible portfolio on Instagram @michaelalexanderfoto.

Join the conversation and let's light up those portraits like never before!

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