Local Photographers to Follow | #CameraStuffSpotlight | Week 9

Local Photographers to Follow | #CameraStuffSpotlight | Week 9

Aug 17, 2023CameraStuff

Let's see who is in the #CameraStuffSpotlight this week…


Here is a list of local photographers you can follow for inspiration. Join us in fostering the growth and love for the photographic industry in South Africa. Get ready to be inspired as we showcase the incredible work of the finest up-and-coming talents that our beautiful country has to offer

Fulufhelo Mashige

Fulufhelo Mashige was born in Soshanguve and raised in Shayandima, Limpopo, South Africa. A young boy, named after his grandfather, his upbringing by his grandfather served as the stepping stone into the creative world.

His grandfather, a professional videographer, traveled across Limpopo capturing various events, igniting Fulufhelo's love and passion for photography. He became a self-taught, all-around photographer, capturing numerous events and leveraging videography skills gained from his grandfather to create video content.

In honor of his grandfather, he adopted the name FULU_PHOTOGRAPHY. He has collaborated with notable clients such as Mrs. Africa, African Green, First National Bank, Ditsong Museums, Assupol, and currently specializes in school photography. Notably, Fulufhelo not only inherited his grandfather's name but also his skills, allowing his work to eloquently speak for itself. He consistently rises to challenges, putting his best foot forward.

From the streets of Venda to the global stage, Fulufhelo is reshaping the perception of pictures, transforming envisioned concepts into reality. Venturing into the realm of videography, he now creates music videos and corporate content, expanding his creative horizons. Follow Fulufhelo:


Follow Fulufhelo:



Fulufhelo Mashige @fulu_photography
Fulufhelo Mashige @fulu_photography
Fulufhelo Mashige @fulu_photography
Fulufhelo Mashige @fulu_photography

Fulufhelo Mashige @fulu_photography


Leigh Groenemeyer

Leigh, born and raised in the "Mother City," embarked on her photographic journey in 2016. It all began with capturing the vibrant energy of live concerts and festivals for one of South Africa's top entertainment platforms. The pulsating atmosphere of nightclubs, expansive arenas, and grand stadiums became her invaluable photographic classroom, honing her skills and nurturing her passion. 

This immersive experience proved to be a stepping stone, opening numerous doors that led Leigh into the realm of a freelance photographer.

Through her lens, she not only captured captivating images but also formed connections with a diverse array of individuals. Collaborating with immensely talented photographers further enriched her artistic perspective. While her current commitment to the photographic sector is part-time, Leigh's devotion and zeal shine through her work.

Each photograph she creates is a testament to her unwavering dedication, reflecting her deep-rooted passion for freezing the essence of a person's soul within a single, timeless moment.

In every snapshot, Leigh endeavors to encapsulate the very essence of human emotion, making it her ultimate mission and driving force

Follow Leigh:


Leigh Groenemeyer @leigh.groenemeyer
© Leigh Groenemeyer @leigh.groenemeyer
© Leigh Groenemeyer @leigh.groenemeyer
© Leigh Groenemeyer @leigh.groenemeyer

© Leigh Groenemeyer @leigh.groenemeyer


Kelvin Mubaiwa

@Kae Galaxy Photography

Kelvin is a photographer hailing from East London, situated in the Eastern Cape region. Operating under the umbrella of a company named Kae Galaxy (pty) Ltd, he specializes in a diverse range of services, primarily centered around the art of photography and videography. 

Kelvin's true passion lies in orchestrating imaginative and innovative photoshoots. He finds his creative stride when working on projects such as portraits, fashion spreads, and capturing vibrant aspects of everyday life. While his expertise extends to event coverage and various commercial assignments, Kelvin's heart remains deeply connected to the realms of creative expression. 

Through Kae Galaxy (pty) Ltd, Kelvin and his team offer a comprehensive array of photography and filming services. Their dynamic skill set enables them to adeptly cater to clients' unique visions, bringing them to life through the lens. 

With a penchant for capturing the essence of subjects and scenes, Kelvin's work transcends mere visuals, telling captivating stories that resonate deeply with his audience.

Follow Kelvin:


Kelvin Mubaiwa  @Kae Galaxy Photography
Kelvin Mubaiwa  @Kae Galaxy Photography
Kelvin Mubaiwa  @Kae Galaxy Photography
Kelvin Mubaiwa  @Kae Galaxy Photography

Kelvin Mubaiwa @Kae Galaxy Photography


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