Interview with Emma O'Brien

Interview with Emma O' Brien | CameraStuff "In the Limelight"

Aug 17, 2023CameraStuff

Enjoy CameraStuff's Interview with Emma O'Brien

Introducing Emma O'Brien


With nearly two decades of professional photography experience, Emma's journey began in wedding photography before gravitating towards family portraits. A serendipitous encounter in 2011 led her to discover her true calling: photographing dogs. Emma's focus on canine photography, capturing their unique personalities on and off location for private and commercial clients, has become her core business. 

One of her latest endeavors includes a collaboration with the South African Guide Dog Association, where she beautifully depicts the bond between guide and service dogs and their human companions. Emma's compassionate spirit extends beyond her lens as she dedicates her time to photographing rescue dogs for causes such as the Sandton SPCA calendar and CLAW. To explore her captivating work and advocacy efforts, visit her website at

Emma O

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