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Local Photographers to Follow | #CameraStuffSpotlight | Week 7

Aug 03, 2023CameraStuff

Let's see who is in the #CameraStuffSpotlight this week…


Here is a list of local photographers you can follow for inspiration. Join us in fostering the growth and love for the photographic industry in South Africa. Get ready to be inspired as we showcase the incredible work of the finest up-and-coming talents that our beautiful country has to offer

Nathan Eden Prins

Nathan Eden Prins is based in East London and has been a professional photographer for approximately three years. As he continues to grow and evolve in his craft, he remains committed to continuous learning and improvement on a daily basis.

His journey into the world of photography began around four years ago when he was navigating the streets as a recovering drug addict. During that time, he stumbled upon a broken Nikon D90 discarded in a rubbish bin while searching for recyclable items. This serendipitous encounter sparked a profound passion for photography, becoming a transformative moment that altered the course of his life forever.

Despite his professional success, Nathan still cherishes the broken D90, keeping it as a poignant reminder of the importance of humility and openness to learning. This powerful symbol reinforces his determination to remain humble and receptive to new knowledge and experiences as he continues to pursue his passion for photography.

Follow Nathan:

Gabriel Bambo @acutegabriel
Gabriel Bambo @acutegabriel
Gabriel Bambo @acutegabriel
Gabriel Bambo @acutegabriel

Nathan Eden Prins @nathanprins_01


Dumelang Wright

Dumelang primarily works in the exploration of issues of personhood versus womanhood, African identity politics, tradition and convention, gender roles, regression into nostalgia as self-soothing, and the discourse of places for women in society, the media, and in the home..

Follow Dumelang:

Dumelang Wright @dumelang_photography
Dumelang Wright @dumelang_photography
Dumelang Wright @dumelang_photography
Dumelang Wright @dumelang_photography

© Dumelang Wright @dumelang_photography


Kayla Zipp


Kayla is a multi-disciplined creative, but her true passion lies in photography. She finds immense joy in the process of crafting beautiful, conceptual, and impactful images by skillfully manipulating light and styling her subjects. Her fascination with photography began at a young age when she discovered the art of capturing overlooked moments and finding beauty in the mundane.

Choosing to pursue her passion further, Kayla decided to study photography through a BA in Visual Communication Design. During her academic journey, she explored various genres of photography and found herself deeply drawn to product, food, fashion, and portrait photography. Additionally, she has a keen interest in experimenting with images to express abstract ideas and present familiar concepts in refreshing ways. Nature serves as a significant source of inspiration for Kayla, with its rich colors, seasonal transformations, and intrinsic connection with humanity influencing her creative vision.

Beyond the realm of commercial photography, Kayla firmly believes in the power of photographs to connect people with important concepts and evoke emotional responses. She is particularly passionate about empowering disempowered women, children, animals, and the environment. With this commitment to making a positive impact, Kayla aspires to utilize her love for photography as a means of raising awareness and bringing about positive change. Though she is still exploring how to achieve this, for now, she makes a conscious effort to empower the models she works with, both through the photographs she captures of them and the interactions she shares with them.

Follow Kayla:

Kayla Zipp  @zippscape
Kayla Zipp  @zippscape
Kayla Zipp  @zippscape
Kayla Zipp  @zippscape

Kayla Zipp @zippscape


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