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Local Photographers to Follow | #CameraStuffSpotlight | Week 8

Aug 11, 2023CameraStuff

Let's see who is in the #CameraStuffSpotlight this week…


Here is a list of local photographers you can follow for inspiration. Join us in fostering the growth and love for the photographic industry in South Africa. Get ready to be inspired as we showcase the incredible work of the finest up-and-coming talents that our beautiful country has to offer

Emma O'Brien

Emma has enjoyed a prosperous career as a professional photographer spanning nearly two decades. Her journey began with capturing the magic of weddings, later transitioning to the realm of family portraits. In an unexpected turn of events in 2011, Emma's lens found its focus on dogs, evolving into her primary area of expertise. Her artistic prowess extends across studio and outdoor settings, serving both private and commercial clientele. 

Emma's distinctive imagery masterfully captures the unique personalities of the canine subjects that grace her lens. Constantly driven by creativity, Emma often embarks on parallel projects that grant her unfettered artistic expression. 

Her latest endeavor, a collaborative venture with the South African Guide Dog Association, underscores the profound connection between guide and service dogs and the individuals they assist. These captivating new visuals are poised for display from August 3rd to August 31st at the esteemed Foto ZA Gallery within Rosebank Mall. Emma's advocacy for rescue dogs is unwavering, demonstrated not only through her lens but also through her actions. 

With a dedicated commitment to the Sandton SPCA calendar for over 13 years, she annually contributes her photographic skills. Additionally, Emma's benevolence extends to CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare), where she donates her time to photograph dogs in need of loving homes. A comprehensive insight into Emma's remarkable body of work can be explored on her website

Follow Emma:

Emma O
Emma O
Emma O
Emma O

Emma O'Brien @emmaobrienphoto


Blunt Moya

Blunt Moya is a multi-talented individual who excels in various creative pursuits, including poetry and filmmaking. However, his primary focus lies in the field of photography. With a career spanning from 2015, he has established himself as a prominent photographer, boasting an impressive portfolio of 14 exhibitions.

Among these, seven have been solo showcases, while the remaining seven have been successful collaborations with fellow artists. Utilizing the power of photography, Blunt Moya effectively addresses pertinent social issues, prompting viewers to actively engage with his thought-provoking creations. His unwavering passion and dedication drive him towards achieving his artistic goals

Follow Blunt:

Blunt Moya @bluntmoya
Blunt Moya @bluntmoya
Blunt Moya @bluntmoya
Blunt Moya @bluntmoya

© Blunt Moya @bluntmoya


S’busiso Zondo


S'busiso, a self-taught photographer and retoucher hailing from Bergville, Kwa Zulu-Natal, embarked on his creative journey in 2011.

This voyage commenced during his computer graphics studies when he was introduced to the world of Photoshop. This pivotal moment not only ignited his passion for photography and retouching but also marked the beginning of a profound artistic exploration. In 2016,

S'busiso took a significant step forward by establishing Zoid Studios. Since its inception, he has thrived as a freelancer, leveraging his talents to craft captivating visuals.

With his roots firmly planted in his initial encounter with Photoshop, S'busiso continues to push the boundaries of his craft, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to his creative pursuits.

Follow S’busiso:

S’busiso Zondo  @cbudazoid
S’busiso Zondo  @cbudazoid
S’busiso Zondo  @cbudazoid
S’busiso Zondo  @cbudazoid

S’busiso Zondo @cbudazoid


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