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Local Photographers to Follow | #CameraStuffSpotlight | Week 1

Jun 22, 2023CameraStuff

Let's see who is in the #CameraStuffSpotlight this week…


Here is a list of local photographers you can follow for inspiration. Let's spread the love and grow the photography industry in this wonderful country of ours. 

Cherne Verwey @skulliecuppcake

Since her time in primary school, Cherne has harbored a deep passion for photography. The ability to capture cherished memories and witness the authentic joy on the faces of loved ones has always resonated with them. Cherne's desire to freeze moments in time has been a lifelong calling.

In recent years, Cherne has taken their photography pursuits to a more serious level, committing to continuous learning and growth. The beauty of photography, in Cherne's eyes, lies in the endless opportunities for exploration and improvement. She remains dedicated to expanding their knowledge and skills, embracing the ever-evolving nature of this art form.

Cherne feels incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a community of talented photographers who constantly inspires her. Witnessing the limitless possibilities and sheer talent within their circle is a constant source of awe. Outside of their photography endeavors, Cherne works full-time as a recruiter. In addition, they proudly care for their beloved pets—a cat and two pugs. Cherne's family life is enriched by their six wonderful nieces and nephews, whom they cherish as a proud aunt.

Follow Cherne:

Instagram: instagram.com/skulliecuppcake/

Facebook: facebook.com/cherneverweyphotography

Cherne Verwey
© Cherne Verwey Photography
© Cherne Verwey Photography
© Cherne Verwey Photography

© Cherne Verwey Photography


Yann BK 

Yann BK is the founder of Jashughatt Pictures, a company that specializes in photography, videography, and comprehensive digital marketing services. With a profound love for visual storytelling, Yann and his team create visuals that capture the very essence of brands, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Their approach combines stunning imagery with targeted strategies to effectively convey brand messages, enhance online presence, and drive meaningful engagement. Through seamless collaboration, Jashughatt Pictures ensures cohesive campaigns across various digital platforms, providing a unified brand experience. They rely on data-driven insights to track performance indicators and deliver measurable results, showcased through regular analytics reports. For those seeking to leverage the power of photography and videography in their digital marketing endeavors, Jashughatt Pictures offers an opportunity to capture their brand's essence, tell a unique story, and achieve new heights of success.

Follow Yann:

Instagram: instagram.com/jashughatt/

Facebook: facebook.com/jashughatt

TikTok: tiktok.com/@jashughatt

Website: www.jashughatt.com

© Yann BK
© Yann BK
© Yann BK
© Yann BK

© Yann BK


Moloka Donald Selala


Moloka Donald Selala is a self-taught photographer based in Johannesburg, specializing in portrait photography.

His journey into the world of photography commenced when he took on a freelance role as a behind-the-scenes photographer at a previous workplace. It was during this time that he discovered his deep-rooted passion for capturing the essence of stories through visual narratives.

Inspired by his newfound love for photography, Moloka Donald Selala took the bold step of establishing his own photography venture, now widely recognized as Straight Hustle Pictures. Through his work, he aims to convey compelling tales and evoke emotions through the art of capturing captivating portraits.

Among the various elements of photography, lighting stands out as Moloka's favorite aspect. The interplay of light and shadow serves as a catalyst for his creativity, constantly motivating him to push the boundaries of his artistic expression. By skillfully manipulating light, he brings a unique touch to his photographs, amplifying their impact and allure.

With each click of the shutter, Moloka Donald Selala continues to refine his craft, always seeking innovative ways to infuse his signature style into his subjects. Through his unwavering dedication and passion, he has transformed his self-taught hobby into a thriving profession, leaving an indelible mark through his masterful portrait photography.

Follow Moloka:

Instagram: instagram.com/straight_hustle_pictures/

Facebook: facebook.com/StraightHustlePictures

Youtube: youtube.com/@straighthustlepicturesshp6493

© Straighthustlepictures
© Straighthustlepictures
© Straighthustlepictures
© Straighthustlepictures

© Straighthustlepictures


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  • Straight Hustle Pictures is the best in the town🔥 shout out to Moloko Jnr 🙏🔥

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