Godox Lux Retro Flashes

Playing Around with Godox's LUX Retro Flashes

Jun 23, 2023CameraStuff

Zhou Ya's Experience Using the Godox Lux Retro Flashes

Evoking a sense of nostalgia with their vintage aesthetic, the Godox Lux Junior and Godox Lux Senior lighting units captivate photographer Zhuo Ya, reminiscent of the bygone era of film photography. 

Not only do these lights exude a classic charm in their appearance, but they also impress with their performance, particularly the Lux Senior. Zhuo Ya expressed, "Upon receiving these petite luminaires, I was immediately struck by their timeless allure. The functionality of the Lux Senior, in particular, left me pleasantly surprised."

Zhuo Ya skillfully incorporated these flashes both as props and as essential components of his lighting setup, yielding remarkable results. The seamless integration of the Lux Junior and Lux Senior with his creative endeavors truly shines. 

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