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Interview with Thato Phumo Tlou Pride Photography | CameraStuff "In the Limelight"

Sep 21, 2023CameraStuff

Enjoy CameraStuff's Interview with Thato Phumo AKA Tlou Pride Photography

Introducing Thato Phumo aka Tlou Pride Photography


"I'm a black female born in Vryburg, raised in Koster, and currently residing in Hartbeespoort—a true embodiment of a small-town girl. My photography journey began quite serendipitously when people stumbled upon snapshots of my nephew on Facebook, and they inquired about booking my services.

Impulsively, I sought out training opportunities and, to my delight, discovered that DPC came highly recommended. I embarked on my photography education with them, starting with the beginner's course and delving into topics like lighting and natural light training. 

As I honed my skills, I identified my true passion within the field—capturing the beauty of maternity and babies. To further enhance my expertise, I decided to pursue international training. I had the incredible opportunity to meet with Ana Brandt in Hong Kong for specialized maternity and newborn training. 

While I've ventured into wedding and event photography, studio work remains my unwavering passion. What truly humbles me is the support I receive from clients who travel from as far as Mafikeng and Venda. 

Their love and loyalty inspire me to continually invest in my training and stay at the forefront of the industry. Moreover, I've had the privilege of being booked for photography sessions in Dubai and Kenya. It's an experience I hope to embrace more frequently when I eventually retire. 😊📷

© Thato Phumo TLOU Pride Photography
© Thato Phumo TLOU Pride Photography
© Thato Phumo TLOU Pride Photography
© Thato Phumo TLOU Pride Photography
© Thato Phumo TLOU Pride Photography
© Thato Phumo TLOU Pride Photography

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