Interview with Deejay Busang | CameraStuff "In the Limelight" Episode 15

Interview with Deejay Busang | CameraStuff "In the Limelight" Episode 15

May 12, 2023CameraStuff

Interview with Deejay Busang | In the Limelight EP15

Get ready to shine in the limelight with us as we welcome the talented professional photographer, Deejay Busang! Tune in to our live stream and delve into the mind of this photography virtuoso as we discuss his equipment of choice, the highlights of his career, and what exciting projects he has lined up next. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation! 

"In the Limelight", hosted by CameraStuff's Conrad Knuist.

Introducing Deejay Busang

Busang Photography is a photography and videography company that specializes in capturing three of life's most significant milestones - weddings, pregnancy, and newborns. Their work has been featured in prominent publications such as SA Drum Wedding magazine and the International CHIIZ magazine. They have also contributed their services to a free pregnancy app for expecting mothers throughout Africa. 

The company offers hands-on training to photography graduates through workshops and practical experience. Busang Photography is based in Centurion and operates across South Africa and neighboring countries. 

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