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May 30, 2023CameraStuff

CameraStuff proudly serves as an official, independent importer and supplier of Godox in South Africa, providing customers with high-quality products both in-store and online. We source our entire Godox range directly from Godox Global, so you can be assured of the authenticity of our products.


We want to put to rest any rumours out there - we don't deal with any "parallel" or “grey” imports. When you buy from CameraStuff, you get the real deal! All Godox products purchased from us come with a local 2-year warranty and a 60-day money-back refund policy. Plus, our local repair center is always on hand to help with any Godox repairs, with original spare parts sourced directly from Godox Global.


Yes, we're legit! CameraStuff is an official Godox Agent in South Africa

"We hereby authorize CAMERASTUFF CC a corporation located at 473 Jan Smuts Ave, Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, as our AGENT in the country of South Africa"

Godox letter of authorization to Cameratuff
Godox In South Africa refunds
Godox In South Africa delivery in SA
Godox In South Africa Repairs
Godox In South Africa Service
Godox In South Africa 2-year warranty
Godox In South Africa official importer

Service, Warranties, and Repairs at CameraStuff

At CameraStuff, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We have gathered an average customer service rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 1,000+ reviews (Facebook and Google reviews combined) over time. This includes many customers who have bought Godox products from us. We are available to help on phone, e-mail, online-chat, and Whatsapp, etc.

We offer a Local 2-year Warranty on all Godox goods. If you have any problems with your Godox product bought at CameraStuff, we’ll happily exchange it. 

We also have a 60-Day Money-Back Returns Policy. If you’re not happy with your Godox product bought at CameraStuff, you’re welcome to return it for a full refund.

We’ve assisted numerous clients with their Godox gear, even those who didn’t buy from us. This includes repairs, firmware updates, photo/video advice, and technical support, etc. In addition to this, we have a local repair center that can help with Godox repairs. 

As with Godox products, we import original spare replacement parts from Godox in China.At CameraStuff, we are committed to providing the best service, warranties, and repairs to our customers.


Who is Godox?

History and Mission

Godox is a company that was founded in 1993 as a high-tech manufacturing facility specializing in lighting and audio equipment. Over the years, Godox has become a lighting equipment expert and innovator of gears for photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and more. The company is driven by the mission of offering great lighting and audio solutions and has been constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to bring professional products to the industries. Godox is committed to providing consumers with professional and high-quality lighting solutions in photography, enabling more people to enjoy the fun of light shaping. The company has a vision of becoming a leading manufacturer with a world-renowned brand and hopes to continuously contribute to the development of the lighting industry.

Products and Innovation

Godox has expanded its lineup to meet different needs and is now branching out to include audio. The company benefits from a creative talent pool in R&D, design, sales, and management teams for sustained success. Drawing on these resources, Godox is able to keep developing new products every year to keep up to date with the market. The company will further ramp up investment into innovation, taking innovation to the next level and constantly delivering value to the industry and society at large. Godox provides products that combine advanced technology with dynamic designs

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