Andrew Basson

Gear Review | Neewer's Range of RGB Stick Lights | Featuring Andrew Basson

Jan 26, 2024CameraStuff

Let's chat about Neewer's RGB Light Sticks

Hello! Welcome to today's live chat session. I'm excited to introduce our guest, Andrew Basson, who will be sharing insights about Neewer's lineup of RGB Light Sticks. We'll delve into their features, versatility, and how they can boost your lighting setup. Stay tuned for an illuminating discussion!

Meet Andrew Basson

My name is Andrew. I completed my Adobe certification back in 2007, and since then, I have been active in the photography community, continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge as a professional photographer. 

I have covered numerous riots, as well as commercial events and portraits. However, I have recently slowed down, and now my primary focus has shifted towards providing free education and assistance to photographers who may be facing challenges.


© Andrew basson

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