Using the Godox DPU-Series Parabolic Umbrellas

Using Godox Parabolic Umbrellas

Jun 21, 2023CameraStuff

Using Godox Parabolic Umbrellas

In this video, Godox Tutor Aries Tao will showcase various light accessories and demonstrate how they can affect your images. Lighting modifiers play a crucial role in maximizing the potential of your light gear and unleashing your creativity in controlling and shaping light. 

Today's focus will be on the parabolic umbrella light modifier.

When it comes to portrait photography, the quality of light can make a significant difference. Soft light is generally more desirable than harsh light for its flattering effect on subjects. To achieve soft light, a large light modifier is often needed. 

The umbrella proves to be an incredibly versatile lighting tool, offering convenience and portability. Whether you're shooting in the studio or on location, the umbrella is easy to carry and quick to set up, allowing you to capture stunning images without delay.

Join Aries Tao in this informative video as he explores the umbrella light modifier, explains its benefits, and demonstrates how it can enhance your photography. Get ready to elevate your lighting game and create captivating visuals with the help of this essential lighting accessory.

Using Godox Parabolic Umbrellas

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  • Thanks for informative demonstrations. Super cool. My go-to for weddings will be the Godox UB-165W 165cm parabolic white with diffuser cloth.

  • I love 135cm for studio it has been my all rounder modified.


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