Revolutionize Your Lighting with Godox BLP and BFP Optical Snoots

Revolutionize Your Lighting with Godox BLP and BFP Optical Snoots

Jun 26, 2024CameraStuff

Introducing the Godox BLP and BFP Projection Attachments

At CameraStuff, we’re excited to introduce the Godox BLP and BFP projection attachments, also known as optical snoots. These innovative light modifiers are designed to revolutionize your lighting setup, enabling you to project intricate "shapes" of light onto your subjects. More than just a lighting tool, the BLP and BFP are catalysts for artistic expression, providing photographers and videographers with endless creative possibilities.

What Are the Godox BLP and BFP Projection Attachments?

The Godox BLP and BFP projection attachments are designed to help you shape your light with precision. 

Here’s a breakdown of what sets them apart:

  • Godox BLP: Designed for LED Monolights with a Bowens mount.
  • Godox BFP: Designed for Flashes/Strobes with a Bowens mount.

Key Features of the BLP and BFP Projection Attachments

The BLP and BFP projection attachments are packed with features that make them indispensable tools for any lighting setup:

  1. Superior Heat Management: Both attachments are built to handle high temperatures, ensuring longevity and consistent performance during prolonged use.

  2. Expansive Lens Options: Compatible with Canon EF mount lenses, providing you with a wide range of focal lengths and creative possibilities.

  3. Built-In Leaf Shutters: These allow for precise control over the light, enabling you to create intricate patterns and shapes.

  4. Rotatable Design: The attachments can be rotated to adjust the angle of the projected light, offering more flexibility in your lighting setup.

  5. Focusable Projection: With a lens attached, you can adjust the focus of the projected light, creating sharp or soft edges as desired.


Bowens Mount for Wide Compatibility

Both the BFP and BLP are equipped with the popular Bowens S-Mount, ensuring broad compatibility with a wide range of LEDs and flashes that utilize the same mount.


Canon EF-Mount

Featuring a Canon EF mount, the BLP and BFP can be used with a variety of lenses. However, for optimal results, Godox recommends using the dedicated Godox lenses. Using other lenses may result in vignetting, inconsistent light distribution, or distortion.

Different focal lengths will affect the size of the projection created. Additionally, be mindful of a lens's maximum f-stop. A lens with a maximum f-stop of f/1.4 will allow more light to pass through compared to a lens with a maximum f-stop of f/5.6.


Rotatable Design

The BFP and BLP flash projectors feature a rotatable design, allowing you to easily adjust the angle of the projection. This means you no longer need to remove the gobo holder and twist the gobo to change the projection angle.


What Are Gobos?

Gobos are steel discs that act like "light stencils," allowing you to project specific shapes and patterns onto your subject. At CameraStuff, we offer a variety of gobos that can be used with the BLP and BFP projection attachments. With the ability to use lenses, you can create either sharp, defined edges or softer, defocused edges for your projected patterns.


Built-in Leaf Shutters

These shutters allow you to shape triangles, pizza shapes, rectangles, and slits of light, etc. The BFP and BLP feature four adjustable shutter leaves that can be positioned individually to achieve the desired effect.


Spotlight Effect

With all of the leaf shutters pulled back, the BLP and BFP will project a perfect circle of light. By adjusting the lens, you can sharpen or defocus the edges of the light to suit your creative needs.

The Godox BLP and BFP projection attachments are more than just lighting tools; they are gateways to unparalleled creative expression. Whether you're a photographer looking to add unique lighting effects to your portraits or a videographer aiming for dramatic, artistic shots, these optical snoots offer the precision and versatility you need. Explore the possibilities with the Godox BLP and BFP projection attachments and take your lighting game to the next level.

Discover the full range of gobos and other lighting accessories at CameraStuff to complement your new projection attachments. Happy shooting!

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