Local South African Photographers to Follow

Local Photographers to Follow | #CameraStuffSpotlight | Week 10

Aug 25, 2023CameraStuff

Let's see who is in the #CameraStuffSpotlight this week…


Here is a list of local photographers you can follow for inspiration. Join us in fostering the growth and love for the photographic industry in South Africa. Get ready to be inspired as we showcase the incredible work of the finest up-and-coming talents that our beautiful country has to offer

Khanyisile Setwaba

Her name is Khanyisile, a weekend photographer who loves photography and loves to share and capture moments in time. She started her photography journey in 2015 and it has been a blast. 

Her mission is to provide outstanding service, an enjoyable experience in front of the camera, as well as photographs that her clients will love. Follow Fulufhelo:


Follow Khanyisile:



Khanyisile Setwaba @kha_set_
Khanyisile Setwaba @kha_set_
Khanyisile Setwaba @kha_set_
Khanyisile Setwaba @kha_set_

© Khanyisile Setwaba @kha_set_


Thabang Moalosi 

Thabang, a Joburg based photographer specializes in the realms of fitness and fashion. The majority of his work transpires within the confines of the studio, a realm he favors due to his affinity for controlled and deliberate lighting techniques.

His genesis in the realm of fitness can be traced back to his sporting roots, a trajectory that led him to embrace the challenges of the fitness industry, regardless of its demanding nature.

Fashion photography, an unexpected turn of events, found its way into Thabang's journey and swiftly nestled itself in his heart, birthing a newfound passion he hadn't actively pursued but now ardently cherishes.

Under the banner of "Crispy Juice Box," his brainchild company, Thabang's studio finds its abode in the heart of Joburg, specifically within Newtown Junction Mall. Within these walls, the alchemy of creativity and amusement consistently unfolds.

As he delves into the realm of videography, the saga continues at Crispy studios, promising even more enchantment and artistry.

Follow Thabang:



Thabang Moalosi  @_t.moalosi
Thabang Moalosi  @_t.moalosi
Thabang Moalosi  @_t.moalosi
Thabang Moalosi  @_t.moalosi

© Thabang Moalosi @_t.moalosi


Lester Manyakanyaka 


Lester, a skilled photographer hailing from Gqeberha, possesses an unbridled passion for encapsulating the joyous moments of individuals within his photography. 

His lens traverses a diverse range, encompassing everything from intimate portraits to captivating engagement and couples' shoots, immortalizing matric farewells, and freezing cherished family interactions in time.

Immersed in his fervor for photography, Lester diligently nurtures his brand, progressively expanding its reach, all while armed with modest equipment. Dedication fuels his pursuit of excellence, a relentless drive to yield the most impeccable outcomes.

Intriguingly, despite his introverted nature, Lester discovers photography to be a gateway to forging connections with new acquaintances. The most rewarding aspect, undoubtedly, is the shared laughter and camaraderie he shares with his clients. 

With every click of the shutter, Lester captures smiles and creates a space where bonds are formed and memories are vividly preserved.

Follow Lester:


Lester Manyakanyaka   @lester_the_photographer
Lester Manyakanyaka   @lester_the_photographer
Lester Manyakanyaka   @lester_the_photographer
Lester Manyakanyaka   @lester_the_photographer

© Lester Manyakanyaka @lester_the_photographer


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