Interview with Laetitia Booysen | CameraStuff In the Limelight

Interview with Laetitia Booysen | CameraStuff "In the Limelight"

Aug 28, 2023CameraStuff

Enjoy CameraStuff's Interview with Laetitia Booysen

Introducing Laetitia Booysen


Meet Laetitia Booysen:  "I trained in various genres of photography, but I soon realized that portraiture was where I belonged. I love capturing people. It's an honour to be chosen to capture where you are in your life's story. Having your portrait taken is a very intimate experience. You're ultimately bearing your soul, or at least that's my creative mission, to photograph who you are and not just what you look like. "Beauty photographed on a soul level" is my mission statement and my creative "why".

My approach to my photography is very much connected to my clients. My style is classic, but elegant and I incorporate various forms of lighting to achieve the end product. I enjoy capturing the true essence of the people I photograph. My clients have to walk away having enjoyed the entire experience from start to finish."

© Laetitia Booysen
© Laetitia Booysen
© Laetitia Booysen
© Wayde Flowerday Photography

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