Get This Shot Ep.1 with Michael Alexander

Get This Shot Ep.1 with Michael Alexander

Aug 14, 2023CameraStuff

Learn How To Create This Shot:

Michael Alexander

Join Conrad Knuist, the host CameraStuff's series, "Get this Shot," as he welcomes the immensely talented Michael Alexander in the inaugural episode. Prepare to be enthralled as Michael walks us through his artistic approach and techniques in crafting awe-inspiring photographs that push the boundaries of creativity. 

In this exciting installment, "Get this Shot" provides a unique opportunity to delve into the mind of a photographic genius. Michael Alexander, renowned for his innovative vision and distinctive style, unveils the secrets behind his mesmerizing captures. Viewers are in for a treat as they gain valuable insights into the artistry that fuels his stunning imagery.

Introducing Michael Alexander


Michael Alexander is a funny individual who has a strong drive to excel in every aspect of his professional and personal life. He takes great pleasure in breaking down tasks into a science, diligently working to perfect and master his crafts.


The pursuit of excellence is a guiding principle for him.

In his leisure time, Michael relishes being outdoors, especially going on hiking expeditions and thrilling adventures with his circle of friends. Nature's beauty and the sense of camaraderie in these activities bring him joy and relaxation.


With a passion for both self-improvement and enjoying life's adventures, Michael Alexander continues to embrace every opportunity to grow, learn, and make lasting memories with those around him.




Michael Alexander

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