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Extend Your Studio Backdrops with the Power of Photoshop's AI Generative Fill

Oct 12, 2023CameraStuff

Greetings! In today's blog, we're excited to guide you through the process of effortlessly extending your studio backdrop using the cutting-edge AI Generative Fill feature in Photoshop. Make sure you have the recent Adobe Photoshop update to access this feature. 

At CameraStuff, we take pride in offering a diverse range of 1.38m wide paper backdrops. While these are perfect for portraits and smaller products, they might feel a bit too narrow for capturing full-length body shots. Traditionally, photographers relied on the clone tool to painstakingly extend backdrops—a time-consuming process that required precision.

Now, with the revolutionary Generative AI feature in Photoshop, this task has been streamlined, allowing you to achieve seamless backdrop extensions with just a few clicks. Let's delve into how this innovative tool can elevate your photography game, providing a swift and efficient solution for creating stunning full-length shots without the hassle.

Let's Set it Up

We've recently welcomed a new member to the Camerastuff family, our fabulous yet unnamed mannequin. We'd love your creativity to shine by suggesting the perfect name for her.

Here she stands on a 1.34x11m Coral Pink Backdrop. One of our favourites! We used a Godox DP400III with 80x120cm Softbox as a Key Light and a Godox MS200, also, with 80x120cm Softbox as a Fill-In Light. 

Camera Settings:

ISO 100

Flash Settings:

Key: 1/2
Fill: 1/8

The Results

We can see that the backdrop is too skinny and thus, the rest of the studio is getting in the shot. Also, the softbox has sneaked into the frame, but not to worry—removing it is a breeze

Let's start the process with Photoshop's AI Generative Fill

First, we need to use a Selection tool, such as the Lasso or Polygonal Lasso Tool. Select an area around your subject. Make sure not to select any of the unwanted bits. 

AI Generative Fill

Inverse the selection by pressing CTRL + I 

AI Generative Fill

Click on Generative Fill

AI Generative Fill

 Leave the prompt empty. Click on Generative – and let Photoshop do its magic. 

AI Generative Fill

Mixed Results

Initially, you will receive three options. There might be some inconsistencies in certain results. If none of them meets your satisfaction, feel free to click on the Generate button once more.

AI Generative Fill

Following that, you can perform minor touch-ups, such as removing sensor dust (I need to clean my sensor at some point) and wrinkles from the backdrop, to enhance the cleanliness of the background.

AI Generative Fill
AI Generative Fill

There you go!

The entire process took me no more than 5 minutes. Thanks to Photoshop's Generative Fill feature, extending our studio backdrops to occupy the entire frame has become a straightforward task.

Undoubtedly, the process becomes notably simpler when starting with a larger backdrop. However, choosing smaller backdrops not only presents a more budget-friendly option but also offers increased convenience for travel and storage.

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