Controlling Light with Godox Snoots and Grids

Controlling Light with Godox Snoots and Grids

Jun 28, 2023CameraStuff

Learn about precise lighting using the Godox Snoot and Grids

Learn about precise lighting using the Godox Snoot and Grids

Have you ever wondered about the distinctions between a grid and a snoot when it comes to controlling the spread of light? Can these two modifiers be combined to enhance your lighting setup? 

Join Aries Tao in this video as he delves into a comprehensive comparison of these two tools, exploring their differences in terms of width, edge definition, and center output of the light beam. 

Gain valuable insights into how these modifiers influence light effects and discover helpful tips on selecting the right option for your specific needs. Prepare to expand your understanding and elevate your lighting techniques with Aries Tao's insightful discussion on grids and snoots.

The Godox SN01 Snoot is a versatile photography accessory designed to provide a focused spotlight effect with semi-soft edges. This snoot comes with a detachable grid that allows you to create an even smaller spotlight and is perfect for accentuating specific parts of your image. Whether you need a hair light, accent light, backdrop light, or a main light for dramatic low lighting, the SN01 Snoot can do it all. Made from durable steel, this snoot is built to last and will be a reliable addition to your photography equipment.


The SN01 Snoot is equipped with an S-type Bowens mount that makes it compatible with a wide range of photography equipment. It narrows the beam of light into a small spotlight, creating a beautiful and dramatic effect. It is perfect for use in portrait photography, product photography, and many other applications where you need to control the direction and intensity of the light. With its detachable grid, you can further control the spread of light, making it an incredibly versatile tool for any photographer.

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