Using the Godox AD100 Pro To Capture Stunning Fashion and Beauty Photos

Using the Godox AD100 To Capture Stunning Fashion and Beauty Photos

Jul 06, 2023CameraStuff

Godox Lighting Academy Episode 01: Using the Godox AD100 Pro To Capture Stunning Fashion and Beauty Shots - With Sarah Edmunds

The Godox Photography Lighting Academy presents an array of advanced lighting courses, meticulously crafted to elevate your photography skills by delving into various lighting techniques. Led by esteemed professional photographers, these courses serve as a valuable resource, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise to enhance your lighting abilities.

In an enthralling episode of the academy, we are introduced to the immensely talented photographer, Sarah Edmunds. With finesse and creativity, she unveils the art of swiftly and effortlessly recreating dark, dramatic aesthetics as well as soft, gentle looks using the remarkable Godox AD100 Pro Pocket Flash—an ultra-small and portable lighting solution.

Through an engaging video presentation, Sarah Edmunds takes you on a journey where she expertly captures six distinctive looks, employing six different lighting setups, all made possible with the versatile Godox AD100 Pro Pocket Flash. From evoking intense and moody atmospheres to conjuring ethereal and delicate scenes, Sarah demonstrates the unparalleled adaptability of this exceptional lighting tool.

Immerse yourself in Sarah's masterful techniques and gain valuable insights on manipulating light to evoke desired emotions and ambiance in your own photography. Whether your creative vision calls for evocative, shadow-laden compositions or embraces a softer, more tranquil aesthetic, this episode of the Godox Photography Lighting Academy will empower you to achieve remarkable results, courtesy of the Godox AD100 Pro Pocket Flash.

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