Meet the CameraStuff Crew

Meet the CameraStuff Crew

Jun 26, 2023CameraStuff

Presenting the remarkable CameraStuff Crew! We eagerly await the opportunity to meet you and embark together on your thrilling photographic journey. Our dedicated staff is ready to provide you with exceptional assistance, ensuring that every step of your experience with us is nothing short of extraordinary. From capturing breathtaking moments to unleashing your creative potential, we are here to support and guide you. Visit us soon and let us be a part of your photographic endeavors.

Here is the Wonderful and Charismatic CameraStuff Crew:

Given Maruma

Inventory Guardian, Delivery Conductor, Distribution Maverick.

Introducing Given Maruma, our dedicated team member responsible for efficiently packing and delivering your orders with lightning speed. Given exudes immense enthusiasm for his role and takes great pride in providing exceptional service to his clients. He consistently goes above and beyond, willingly offering assistance wherever needed. Not only does Given excel at his tasks, but he also reminds the rest of us to stay hydrated by emphasizing the importance of water, proclaiming, "Because water is life!"

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Given for his unwavering commitment and hard work in serving Camerastuff. His infectious energy, helpful nature, and cheerful demeanor bring immense joy to our team. Given, your positive attitude and dedication make us truly grateful to have you as part of our Camerastuff family.

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Given Ratema

Ross van Schalkwyk

Sales Maestro, Deal Dynamo, Client Whisperer.

Introducing Ross, our exceptional sales representative! With a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise, he can be found at the front desk, answering emails, and taking phone calls. No photography challenge is too daunting for him to overcome. Ross is here to elevate your photography skills with our impressive range of gadgets.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ross for embodying the face of Camerastuff in our store and prioritizing our clients' satisfaction above all else. We greatly appreciate his infectious sense of fun and friendliness, which we admire wholeheartedly. Ross, you are an integral part of our esteemed team known as Camerastuff.

No workday is complete without sharing a good laugh with you! Your unwavering dedication, loyalty, and commitment to both the team and our clients are truly commendable.

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Rosds van Schalkwyk

Leesedi Phalatse

Sales Jedi, Client Magnet, Super-Artist, Model Extraordinaire.

Allow us to introduce Lesedi, the charismatic face of Camerastuff and our esteemed model, known for his distinctive dreadlocks! Lesedi takes on the role of our friendly and upbeat salesman at the front desk. When it comes to customer satisfaction, he goes above and beyond, ensuring our clients' needs are met. He takes pride in maintaining well-priced products and captivating displays, ensuring a delightful shopping experience for all.

With an infectious rhythm in his step and a perpetual smile on his face, Lesedi effortlessly brightens our days and turns work into a joyful experience. We couldn't have asked for a better team member! His unwavering dedication and commitment to his clients make him an invaluable asset to the Camerastuff team.

Lesedi, your hard work, loyalty, and unwavering commitment to exceptional service make us proud to have you as part of our Camerastuff family.

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Lesedi Phalatse

Pieter Boshoff

Guardian of Goods, Warehouse Whisperer, Keeper of the Stockpile, Purveyor of Dad-Jokes.

Allow us to introduce Pieter, our exceptional warehouse manager who excels at maintaining precise inventory levels. While his main domain is the warehouse, you may also come across him at the front desk, where he happily assists clients and shares the occasional dad joke or two.

Pieter, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering dedication and diligence. Your commitment to ensuring accurate product quantities and providing outstanding customer service is truly commendable. We take immense pride in having you as an esteemed member of the CameraStuf family.,

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Pieter Boshoff

Leanne Knuist

Manager of Managers, Operations Rockstar, Storefront Sherrif, Guru of Pop-Culture References.

Allow us to introduce Leanne, the dynamic force that propels our staff forward, motivating the team and providing unwavering assistance, even in high-pressure situations. Her genuine passion lies in witnessing our clients thrive in their photography endeavors, helping them achieve exceptional results and reach new heights.

Leanne takes charge of managing your online transactions, ensuring they are promptly attended to and expertly coordinated for timely delivery. She is the dedicated lady behind the scenes, orchestrating seamless operations and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Leanne, we express our deepest gratitude for your enduring patience, kindness, and wisdom. You are the epitome of a true leader, inspiring us all. To us, you are our SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed), and we treasure your remarkable contributions to the team.

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Leanne Knuist

Conrad Knuist

Chief Creative Catalyst, Brand Wizard, Coffee Consumer, and Meme-God

Allow us to introduce the enigmatic Conrad, a rare sighting akin to the elusive Bigfoot himself. With his distinctive beard and mysterious aura, he can only be found venturing outside of his Batcave on the rarest of days. Conrad holds the reins of social media, graphic design, website stability, and captivating Live videos, among other indispensable responsibilities.

In hushed tones, it is whispered that Conrad may grace the premises of CameraStuff's shop from time to time. If fortune smiles upon you and you catch a glimpse of him, consider yourself exceptionally lucky, as sightings are few and far between. Approach this mythical figure cautiously, armed with a cup of coffee to ensure a peaceful encounter that doesn't startle him.

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Conrad Knuist

Brett Lewis

Wizard of Enterprise, Mr. CameraStuff, Bossman.

Introducing Brett, the visionary behind Camerastuff! He is not just a boss, but an extraordinary entrepreneur, genius, and the creative mind that brought Camerastuff to life. With the ability to juggle a thousand ideas at once, Brett continuously strives to enhance the sleekness and efficiency of Camerastuff. Behind the scenes, he handles product ordering, devises streamlined processes, keeps us on track, and ensures our salaries are paid (a heartfelt thank you!).

Brett's passion extends beyond the business realm. He finds joy in playing with planes, possesses a uniquely quirky sense of humor, and is supported by his amazing wife and co-owner of Camerastuff, Angie. To you, Angie, we send our love and appreciation too!

During the challenging times of lockdown, Brett stood by our side, providing unwavering support and helping to maintain our sanity. He values and appreciates each one of us, fostering a harmonious work environment that allows Camerastuff to function like a well-oiled machine.

Bossman, we hold great affection for you, and your dry jokes never fail to bring smiles to our faces. You not only take care of us but also our families, and we couldn't ask for a better boss to work for. Here's to the enduring success of Camerastuff, guided by your exceptional leadership. Long live Camerastuff!

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Brett Lewis

Mark Vanderwagen

Tech Whisperer, IT Ninja, Digital Gandalf

Allow us to introduce Mark, aka “IT Laaitie” the brilliant mind behind our IT operations. With an exceptional flair for computer wizardry and coding, Mark takes charge of automation and ensures that our website doesn't explode 

As a valuable addition to Team CameraStuff, we extend a warm welcome and eagerly anticipate the years of expertise and innovation you will bring to our organization. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration ahead!

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Brett Lewis

Tracey Lewis

Admin Queen, Captain of the Paperwork, Salary Oracle

Introducing Tracey, our reigning Admin Queen! With her impeccable command over payments and a plethora of money-related tasks, she ensures the financial gears of CameraStuff keep turning smoothly. As we roll out the red carpet to welcome you into Team CameraStuff, we envision a long-lasting alliance filled with your royal touch. Your reign shall be marked by efficiency, accuracy, and a touch of whimsy. May your presence grace our kingdom for years to come, oh esteemed Admin Queen Tracey!

Meet the CameraStuff Crew Brett Lewis

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